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Control Units

Largest Range of Purpose Designated Ionisation Systems for all size Swimming Pools and Water Bodies:
Our range of Aquamatics Control units form a simple, compact solution to management of pool hygiene. They are the core units to each Aquabrite system which are responsible for controlling the ionisation process. Each controller is fitted with an array of features which ensure the system can easily be maintained. Some of the key features of our popular Mk 5 model are as follows:

Indications for polarity change:
These two lamps reverse every 2 minutes to show a polarity change has occurred at the electrodes

This lamp indicates that there is a complete circuit between the control centre and the electrodes (flashes once per second)

This lamp indicates that there is a sufficient current flowing for normal ionisation (only operates in upper range of current settings)

Over Range:
This lamp is illuminated in the event of a short circuit of the output terminals or the water conductivity is too high. This may occur if chemicals are added to the pool via the skimmer, until flushed through the filter.

Built-in Timer (Excluding Mk 1):
Each Unit will operate for a 6 hour period (unless continual operation is manually engaged) and then shut down, even if the filter pump is still operating. When the filter pump shuts down, the timer once again reverts to 0. In the incident the pump starts up again, the unit will begin it’s timer and operate for a further 6 hours.

Each of our models carry these features in order to best keep track of your system, so that you can know for certain that the ionisation process is occurring. For the ideal system to support your pool size, see the table below:

Aquamatics System Model Pool Capacity
Mark 3 Up To 35,000L
Mark 5 Up To 60,000L
Mark 9 Up To 150,000L
Mark 10 Up To 1,000,000L


Aquabrite is our unique creation based on over 4 decades of research and product testing. It is a special blend of oxygen based oxidizers which are key in forming the purifying ions produced by the Aquamatics System. Compared to other pool cleaning methods, Aquabrite contains no chemicals such as chlorine or bromine which have potential health implications and lead to sore eyes.

It works perfectly with all sanitizing systems to keep pools and spas cleaner, longer. Unlike other oxidizers, we have made a breakthrough that makes Aquabrite unaffected by sunlight. In fact, the performance is even better when the water is hot.

Aquabrite is long-lasting, with each kilogram of the oxidiser, your Aquamatics system will maintain peak performance under harsh Australian Summer Conditions for up to 2 weeks. With offers for bulk-buying discounts in addition to it’s prolonged lifespan, Aquabrite is one of the most effective and economic solutions to pool purification.

We promise that if you use Aquabrite with your Aquamatics System, your pool water will be bright, sparkling and entirely free of any chemical tastes or odours.