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Aquabrite is an unique oxidising agent only available from Aquamatics.  It is a proprietary blend of dual acting oxidising agents that accelerates the ionic process by activating the copper and silver ions to kill algae and bacteria.

Ionisation is a process that uses nature’s most effective algaecide – copper and bactericide – silver. Through electrolysis the copper and silver is changed from solid metals to soluble ions dispersed into the water.

Of course, as the original manufacturer of Aquabrite, we supply a range of additional parts and accessories that you can purchase individually here
We have all of our relevant technical documentation available online which you can download from here

For a pool volume of 50,000L, a 1kg bag of Aquabrite can be used every 1-2 weeks during Summer Conditions

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This light is an indicator warning that the current limit of the control unit has been reached. This is primarily due to a high concentration of minerals within the water. The system will shut down to prevent damage to the control unit circuit board. If you have concerns about this, you can contact us for better troubleshooting