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A short History of Aquamatics

Aquamatics is an Australian home grown business that established itself as the original manufacturer of the revolutionary Ionisation System. For over 40 years, Aquamatics have researched and performed field tests in the Sydney Area to perfect the art of purification by copper and silver ionisation. Contrary to our competitors, we sought for the one perfect chemical-free solution that would work faster and more efficient than any other of our time. To no surprise, now in the 21st century, no other method of pool water purification can guarantee results as fast or toxin free as our system.

The Aquabrite System is a non-chlorine method of disinfection and oxidisation for swimming pool water (fresh water pools only).

In developing The Aquabrite System, Aquamatics has sought to eliminate or reduce some of the problems associated with traditional methods of pool water disinfection. Instead of using chlorine or bromine oxidisers, The Aquabrite System uses a proprietary blend of oxygen-rich compounds called Aquabrite which, when combined with the copper and silver Ionisation System, creates the most effective and safe pool sanitisation in the world. When dissolved in the pool water, it oxidises all scum and Chlorimines leaving pool crystal clear.

It is the activated silver ions, which provide a long-lasting residual disinfectant throughout the pool water. The copper ions act as an effective algaecide under most conditions. The gentle oxidisers in Aquabrite reduce the incidence of dry skin or hair and the system has proven beneficial to both asthma and dermatitis sufferers.

Hence, if the electrodes do not contain silver or do not contain the correct quantity of silver, it is impossible to guarantee a safe swimming environment free from bacteria.

Our Aquabrite powder is the result of our thorough testing, with many compositions explored. After significant research, we have finally developed the most perfected blend to enhance the ionisation process. Aquabrite, by Aquamatics is guaranteed to be the most effective, chemical free oxidiser on the Australian Market.